Grass spray to stunt growth?

Does a chemical exist that one could spray on grass to
slow down its growth.... yet not kill it?
And can a consumer buy it?
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What you're looking for is called a growth regulator. And yes, they exist and are used to slow the growth of a variety of plants, including turfgrass.
I think you'll find that this stuff is sold in package quantities suitable to golf courses and similar. Meaning it's going to come in a minimum size big enough to do acres, with a price tag to match and distributed through channels that serve those industries.
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The chemical used is normally Maleic Hydrazide. It can sometimes turn finer grasses (Bents and fescues) brown, but this dose disappear after a while. You can stunt the growth for up to 6 weeks at a time. (Do a test patch on your lawn first. Regards Data
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thanks guys .... great info!
I'm cutting grass every day it seems like!! Want to slow it down
Question tho.... is this stuff SAFE to the environment?
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Most grass grows fastest in Spring and requires more frequent mowing. If you use the growth retarder, it could retard the growth in the summer. Remember this when you come back in the summer and ask why your grass doesn't seem to be growing. I mow with a garden tractor. In the spring, I mow twice a week and, while the ground is still soft from Spring rains, I tow an aerator behind the mower, so that the smaller amount of Summer rains sinks into the ground to the roots, rather than stay on top. In the Summer, I may only have to mow every other week, or in some drought Summers, once a month, if at all.
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Your blanket statement about grass is 100% wrong. It *all* depends on what *kind* of grass it is.
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