Fine Fescue flavor: K31 or creeping red fescue?

Does anyone know which kind of fine fescue was most commonly used by home
builders in the early 1970's on the lawns of suburban homes in the St.
Louis area or other Transition Zone areas?
If you don't know about the transition zone, how about the cooler wet
states a little northward like most of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana,
Pennsylvania and even central New York state?
If you don't live in these states, even the cool states all the way out
west to Northern California would be useful to know.
I guess I'm wondering if home builders in the early 1970's most often
used K31 fescue OR creeping red fescue on the lawns of the houses they
built in these zones? (Basically anywhere in the country north of
Georgia, Texas, and Southern California.
I'm going to guess it was K31 fescue, but maybe I'm wrong. Thanks.
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