Dollar weed

Any way to get rid of this stuff? It's taking over my back yard. I know
it loves over-watering , but I haven't even started watering yet. We
haven't had much sunshine either (NW Florida). Maybe that'll help dry
things up a bit...
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Shanghai McCoy
Because of your locale, are you *positive* it's /Hydrocotyle spp./ and NOT /Dichondra/? If you look at the underside of the leaf, where does the stem attach (center, or near the edge of the leaf)?
What type of turfgrass do you have?
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Eggs Zachtly
2,4-D is out then. it'll kill your grass. Atrizine was the perferred quick kill for /Hydrocotyle/ in St. Augustine turf, but it's been banned for homeowner's use (though it's still used by commercial applicators).
Look for a product called "Image" (Imazaquin). It's not real speedy, but it's safe on your particular turf (provided the grass is healthy and actively growing), and it works.
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Eggs Zachtly

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