Briggs and Stratton needlessly crippled me!

My story of basic human rights violations and the laws of the state of Georgia that protects them. -by Dale Gains
This story (unfortunately its true) is what happened to me. I still don't understand how this could happen in the U.S.A. in the 21st century. Please let me preface this letter with a thought. EVERYTHING in this statement is TRUE, it is a recount of what happened to me while employed by Briggs and Stratton's engine plant located in Statesboro, Georgia. I have been "reminded" of slander laws, jail-time and the like, but in my mind these violations need to be made public. If I end up in prison for telling the truth, I will just think of all the good men that died for the truth. Also please keep in mind that I am not anti-American; in fact a am a veteran of the Persian gulf war and would gladly still die for this country and its ideals of liberty and justice. Though this gives me pause about Tiananmen square and China, I do not think we are there, and I only want us to travel farther away from that mind set.
In Nov. 2003 while employed by Briggs and Stratton in Statesboro GA, during the maintenance on my equipment, I cracked a rib. The company sent me to their Dr. who put me on narcotics and called the plant nurse to ensure that I would only be allowed an clerical job in the office while I healed. Even though the plant nurse at first agreed that I needed an office job, but after the narcotics took effect, I was ordered into a hazardous environment. I believe this was in violations of a long list of laws. My supervisor testified that he approached the nurse a couple times requesting I be removed from the floor for everyone's safety (those pills through me for a loop!), but he was told to "mind his own business and leave the medical to her". Well the plant safety officer was sympathetic but he did nothing either. Well I must have really been screwed up on those pills (my supervisor said I was "three sheets to the wind") because a drum of oil fell on my leg. True these drums are heavy(~600 lbs.) but I did this almost every day! My ankle was broke in a couple places and me knee was screwed up, but my ankle healed and surgery was finally done on my knee, though my knee isn't right but with cortisone injections, I get around ok
It has been about 3 yrs. since my accident. I Thank my God the Veteran's Administration did not turn there back on me. They are giving me my injections and I am trying to get back to work, anyone need a good production set-up man with a bum knee? Anyway, according to the Worker's Compensation Act in the state of Georgia I DO NOT even have the right to a JURY TRIAL. IS THIS WHAT "LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" means??? I don't know who to ask, Please, can we just have a jury trial?
PLEASE give me my day in court.
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