Are there any multi-unit programmable thermostats on the market?

Hello all,
I don't work in the industry. I'm just a homeowner that doesn't know much about this stuff.
I live in Phoenix, AZ...where AC is much more important than heating. Also, on low humidity days, those who have swamp coolers usually use those over AC to save on the utility bills.
In my house, we have both a swamp cooler and a heating/AC unit (I'm not sure what kind of unit...HVAC is on our roof, one unit both cools and heats). We haven't used our swamp cooler in years because I swapped out our old thermostat (old round-dial-mercury-vial-temp-sensitive-spring-metal thermostat...although it was multi-unit had a toggle switch on the bottom to switch between heat/AC and swamp cooler) for a new programmable digital thermostat, but this new digital one only works for one unit. I still have the switch in line (removed the toggle from the old thermostat)...I just have it shoved in the wall. I've always wanted to get a nicer looking switch and mount it on a blank wall plate and put a remodel box in the wall above the thermostat...I just haven't taken the time to locate a good looking switch.
I was wondering if there was a digital/electronic programmable thermostat on the market that will switch between the swamp cooler and AC. That way I wouldn't have to deal with the the external switch.
Thanks for any help anyone can provide,
Conan Kelly
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