Apple Storage cooler insulation

Here we go, I think you will all be interested in this.
Local apple farmer is putting up a CA storage system for apples, (Long term storage) He gives me the prints and tells me that he's insulating the walls to R-40.
I size the units with the Rep and it comes to six 5 HP units. Ok, no problem.
I go there today to check out the building and he has a pole barn with 1" ESP board on the walls. I asked when the foamers will be coming around to insulate and he tells me thats all the insulation he needs. Really
He gives me the information and I couldn't believe it. The cheap white pip board that foam cups are made up of is what he's using. I checked it out on the web and I think hes in for a surprise, a sad one at that. I've been into insulation for quiet some time and the reason they are making the claim as being 'effective as' is because its stopping infiltration!
Look at these web sites, then Wisconsons State page that says that ASHRAE only recognizes ESP board as a R-5. I'm handing this too him tomorrow and telling him I'll size the units to R 40 if he wants, but don't call me when they don't keep up.
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