Can I install hardwood in a raised deck in massachusetts

I am having a raised three season porch built in the Spring, and wonder if I can have hardwood for a floor. I live in Massachusetts so temps will be cold during winter months. Is ceramic tile possible?
Thank you
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Yep, no problem with hardwood nor tile and both are quite commonly done. Ceramic tile does require a very stiff surface, so it will be considerably more costly. Some people lay loose pavers or large thick stone tiles on a more beefy decking and structure that accounts for their thickness. - But Hardwoods, are very well proven long lasting lightweight solutions. However, there are only a few "Hard"-woods to choose from. Being - White Oak (not red), Ipe, Teak and Mahogany. So somebody doesn't try to sell you Soft as Hard...Redwood, Cedar, and Cypress are Softwoods.
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