whitish sunken areas on tomatoes?

(the circular ring on the left is where I started cuttting it off)
I just harvested a large group of tomatoes this morning. I had to chuck five out; 2 BER, 3 with holes into the pulp with bugs.
I've found 4 or 5 now with these pale sunken areas. I was thinking this is where they are pressed up against eachother or maybe another branch? Once I cut the blemish off they tasted fine.
I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I don't know how this compares with what is normal production. I've been keeping counts so I have a real world idea of what I produced for comparison next year. I've got only one plant of each type: 34 - 4th of July tomato (5 bad) 21 - Healthy Kick Plum tomato (4 bad) 1 - Burpee Burger tomato 2 - Anaheim pepper 12 - Cayenne pepper 9 - Jalapeno pepper
The 4th & HK probably have 2-3 dozen each still hanging, plus a few flowers. The Burger tomatoes have another 8-9 just days aways from being ripe. I threw Anaheim seeds in the ground in late May... no transplants. As I expected, I'll probably get less than half-dozen peppers out of that one. The other peppers looks like they'll produce 6-18 more.
I've got 20-30 Bell peppers hanging on four plants. I'm leaving them to turn red. I lost one to a blemish that rotted open. On one plant there are so many that they are bunched up against eachother. Don't know if that is good or not.
Next year I may skip the cayenne and plant a mild jalapeno, ancho or poblano. Definitely not enough jalapenos. And I want to find an early bell pepper to have sooner in the season. DiGiTAL ViNYL (no email) Zone 6b/7, Westchester Co, NY, 1 mile off L.I.Sound 1st Year Gardener
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