Weird thing sprouted from my hosta

Hi there. I am hoping someone can tell me what the thing that has appeared on my hostas is. I have three different hostas in three separate pots (actually there may be four hostas, I think one pot had two in). I have had them for about 2 -3 years. They have done very well and produced splendid flowers each year, which rightly or wrongly I have never bothered with, I just let them grow, dry off and then I cut them off when the leaves have grown back.
This past winter the leaves died back as usual to reveal a strange lollipop-like thing on a stalk ... but it is not from a previous flower, it's only a couple of inches from the soil. The 'blob' on the end of the short stalk is the shape of a teardrop upside-down. There is one in each of two pots.
We are now into March and as yet there is no sign of any leaves sprouting

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