Vines growing into Pine Trees

My neighbor, a business, planted a row of pines as a buffer between properties. That was a year ago. Now I see vines growing up into the pines. These vines have broad, 7 pointed leaves on them. Will the vines hurt the pines? Should I go over and pull out the vines ? Or is it a "symbiotic" relationship of some sort ? Looks like the owner planted nothing beneath the pines and these vines are just some native thing that has sprung up, along with a bunch of weeds. The pines were plopped on top of a bunch of piles of dirt, in "healings". The dirt balls are in burlap sacks still, and I am hoping roots will grow through the burlap into the ground. I don't know what variety of pine sthey are. They were about 7 to 8 feet tall whaen placed there last year. They look pretty healthy : lots of new growth this spring, but some dead branches on the bottoms, after the colder than usual winter. I am in eastern Pennsylvania, USA. Should I pull out the vines ? The owner isn't doing anything about it. I don't want to contact the owner as he is generally unresponsive.
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