Too late to aerate and overseed?

Hi. My lawn care service was going to aerate and overseed for me this
season. The problem is that they have not been able to get out to do
it yet. They want to come out this week (week of 10/04/04), but I'm
thinking that it's too late tempature/climate-wise. The weather has
started getting cooler around here. My lawn is not in desparate need
of the service. It's more of a maintenance thing. So I'm thinking of
telling them to wait for either early spring or next September.
Am I right about this, or should I just let them do it now?
I'm from Southern New Jersey where the tempature has been a low of the
high 40's and a high of the mid-60's. And it's just going to get
cooler from here on. Also, my grass is a tall-fescue.
Thanks for any feedback!
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Its not too late. Whats important is soil temperature which shopld ben around 50 - 55 for cool season grass seed to germinate. I usually wait a couple of weeks after areating to overseed because the lawn tends to get too lumpy if the grass starts growing out of the areation core holes.
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