Tobacco Mosaic Virus on Petunias

    While deciding not to use tobacco "juice" for an ultimate bombing run against the stink bugs that are giving my cowpeas and okra such hard times this year, I came across this item about tobacco mosaic virus that might interest someone:
    The plants used in the test results offered in this .pdf:
were petunias and, strictly speaking, the results can't be assumed to apply generally ...but:
    In short, in tests done on three petunia cultivars, chlorine bleach at 1:10 in water prevents transfer of specific tobacco mosaic virus from tools as well as "nonfat dry milk (20% wt/vol) + "Tween-20 (0.1%)" and new razor blades. Plain nonfat dry milk was next-best.     Personally, and for many years I've used a spray of chlorine bleach 1:4 with water, as well as, 91% isopropyl on tools, knives, secateurs, etc. and wondered whether it "really" does any good but figured it can't hurt. At least, I can cut back on the bleach. Now, I'm wondering whether the acohol is overkill....     This is a caution against leaving the bleach on the cutting tools for much more than about a minute and a reminder to disinfect the various sticks, spoons, and other helpful doo-dahs that gardeners keep in our pockets.
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