Sweet Autumn Clematis

Hi all,,, got an email from my sister this morning and would love to hear your thoughts on this. I can't find anywhere that sweet autumn would cause this, but wondered if any of you had.
""""I trimmed back that sweet autumn clematis that is growing along the fence between Cheryl's yard and my yard because it was growing onto my okra plants. Anyway, that's the first time I have ever trimmed the thing when it was growing (as opposed to being dormant in the winter). I laid all the trimmings down on the grass and left it there for about four days. Then Harry mowed the back yard on Saturday and mowed the trimmings and mulched them up. Now you can see that the grass is dead--not just where I laid the trimmings for four days, but in a couple of swaths the width of a lawnmower all around that part of the back yard. That whole area of grass around where the okra bed is located is dead grass. I noticed it on Wednesday morning. It looks just like someone took Roundup to it but in a sweeping motion about the width of a lawnmower, but in two side-by-side passes.
The rest of the yard is just fine. Frankly it looks like that vine excreted some kind of grass killer--like Roundup. It's very weird looking."""""
Anybody else ever seen anything like this? Thanks for your thoughts
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