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On 18 Aug 2003 06:19:09 -0700, (Rudy) wrote:

More appropriate than what?
"Chopping down" weeds will keep you on the good side of municipal Weed Police, but most weeds regenerate quite happily from roots, seeds, and just plain cussedness. You will have to either pull or 'solarize' (bake) a weed patch (organic solutions), or spray with herbicide. If you have a lot of rocks, you will need to clear out the rocks. Labor-intensive, as you say. I'm not a lawn expert, but I'm guessing that seeding without clearing weeds is likely to be disappointing.
Fall is, in much of the US, the best time to establish a lawn. Spring-seeding in many places tends to put new grass in hot-weather stress shortly thereafter. YMMV. Consult your local extension service, etc., etc.
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