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dogo wrote: : Hi,
: I'm thinking about putting a bunch of bricks down in my backyard to : make a smallish patio area. In the middle of this I was thinking it : would be neat to plant a tree: I think it would look good and it would : provide some shade. In the area where the bricks would go, part of : the "patio" sits over top of a covered gravel drain pit with : perforated big-o drain pipe running through it (water from the garage : gutters drains into this pit). For the tree I was thinking about : using a Maple. My questions are: will the drain pit cause a problem : for the tree; will the tree cause a problem with the drain bit; will : the bricks get pushed up because of the roots of the tree.
: Any other types of tree that might be good for this idea?
Maples are generally very greedy trees when it comes to water and their roots can eventually block drain pipes. I certainly wouldn't plant a Norway maple or Red Maple. If you are looking for alternatives, you might do an online search for trees suitable for planting on septic drainfield where the concern is similar.
Here's a starting point:
-- Karen
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