One for David

3 blokes get struck down with a brain tumour and need urgent surgery which involves removing 1/2 of their brain.
The surgery goes ahead and each man is taken to intensive care for recovery. Within time each regains consciousness and some fitness.
The brain surgeon makes his round to visit each patient. Until this time no man has spoken following the operation.
The first 2 bed side visits go fine. Despite the men having had half of their brain removed they retain their faculties, including speech.
The third visit however is more harrowing. This poor chap, rather than having had half of his brain removed, suffered the misfortune of 3/4 removal, leaving him with only 1/4 of the brain intact.
The surgeon is not at all sure what the result will be on this chaps mental function.
The doctor, with some dread, makes his stop by the chaps bedside and carefully and methodically explains the terrible misfortune, finally coming to the news that this man has lost 3/4 of his brain.
Upon this news, the poor chap looks mortified, tears well in his eyes and he sobs back the tears. In a croaky voice, unable to believe what he has just seen, the man utters...
..."strewth doc, is this fair dinkum or are you just pulling my leg?"
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