Non toxic Mosquito Repellent Oil

Mosquito Repellent Oil
For your information, Lemon Grass oil, Comphor Oil, etc even garlic are great for pest control. But most of them only last for 20 minutes or more, as the effect of the repellent last only based on the amount of fragrance of the oil.
With our latest experimentation, catnip and soya bean oil and a mixture of oils from the above mentioned gives the best effect.
Nepetalactone oil extracted from catnip has 10 times more repellency effect than DEET in the same amount.
soya bean oil gives maximum protection up to 90 minutes. While 26.0% DEET based repellent gives protection up to 301 minutes.
Neem oil mixed with coconut oil gives good repellent protection too. This is a India formulation.
At this moment there isnt any mosquito repellent that is 100% guaranteed to repell all types of mosquitoes, as there are 2600 types of mosquitoes in the world, and each different types of mosquito will use different means to detect their victim, like CO2, Body smell, and other factors.
Most mosquito repellents are only effective for a certain period of time and against most mosquitoes, and not all mosquitoes.
Currently the best formulation is made from a mixture of the different types of mosquito repellent oil, and the most effective mosquito repellent is the one that can emit fragrance the longest.
While Antimos formulation is made to work in the tropics, and against tropics mosquitoes, and last for 3 weeks. It is not a complete solution as yet. as it cannot repel all types of mosquitoes. Yet it has won 4 international Awards already.
Francis Teo
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