kashmir cypress from seeds or where to buy.

Hi All,
I have been unable to find this tree at any local nursery or any place on the net that will ship to northern CA so I decided to purchase some seeds from e-bay. Well I have been having a hell of a time getting any survivors and was hopping for some suggestions on how be more successful. The problems are below.
1) I am a novice at starting things from seed. I am used to buying potted plants and going from there.
2) poor germination about 40 percent but I have only tried 9 seeds so far but not at the same time and over the last few months.
3) the ones that do germinate only last 3-4 weeks and all have ended up turning brown and getting very thin at the very very base then a week latter they fall over dead.
I have tried 2 different potting mixes indoor outdoor with no difference in the results. Fine mulch and no mulch as well. I lightly watered every few days but am wondering if it should have been much less and that is what caused what I speculate may be rot or disease at the base. I just don't have enough experience to know. So any ideas as to what I need to do to make these seedlings survive would be greatly appreciated or if you know of a place that has and will ship one gallons or smaller to CA let me know.
Thanks Bill T
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