is there more than one type of black radish?

here is a piece of text I copied off another forum. ....This year he asked me to look in my, what he thinks are, hippy- dippy organic, heirloom seed catalogs for black radish seeds. And I found 2 different types: a Spanish black radish that was called mild. Well, that's not the point here. Another catalog featured a German one that was described as pungent.... If this is really the case - than I want that German stuff. I have been eating the spanish black radish - thinking that it was the real deal. You see I have a lot of information on medicinal and cleansing values of black radish. The information is in Russian language- I guess you can call it Eastern European, so they must be refering to the type of black radish that they have there. Now I started to look on google for that information - and it seems like the answer could be found after a number of hours of work. - I just hope someone can help me figure this out.
Also a few years ago I was searching google and found like 2000 seed for $4.00 (black spanish). but I forgot to write down the website, and that is another project. But if I could get my hands on the other type - I am sure I would start multiplying it.
Here in Portland OR we have a health food store that sells black radish $4.99/lb . But Grower's outlet has them for $1.69/lb - this is in the spring\
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