Identifying lily bulbs

I just divided my lily bulbs. I found what seemed to be three types of bulbs though I don't remember what bloomed where well enough to know which was which.
The most common type of bulb was a cluster of roots with a swollen section in many of the roots. If the roots were ~1/8" in diameter, the bumps were 1/2-5/8". These were creamy in color.
I also found a bunch of bulbs with that same shape but with a profound orange color, almost like carrots.
Finally, I found some flat bulbs that ran just under the surface of the ground. They had a rouch, dry skin kind of like ginger. Many branched into Ys. The greens sprouted from the end of the bulb and roots came out of the sides of the flat part.
In spring my garden is mostly yellow lily blooms with some orange (tiger lilies?) here and there. I'm guessing that the common, creamy bulbs are the yellow blooms. I don't know if the orange or flat bulbs are the orange blooms. Any ideas?
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