Dying wintergreen

I have a pot of wintergreen that was started by seed and has been growing fine for several years. The plant is full size and was always growing robustly (look just like the ones I have outside year round.
Over the past month the leaves have started to brown and dry up. Sometimes, the leaves skip the brown part and just dry up. At first I thought there maybe too much water and I held off watering. I usually water once a week and the pot can easily drain. That didn't seem to help so I started regular watering again.
I have not seen any insects or mold or sticky residue.
The plant has spread around in its pot and sent up new shots over the years. It is not pot bound. In a typical scenario, a plant will look fine and then I'll notice a leaf turn half brown. Then the leaf will dry up and the rest of the plant will shrivel up.
I've included a link to a photo. This used to be a great looking wintergreen. It's always sat in a west window on a bookcase.
Any ideas?
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