Disabled Zone 9 Coastal Texas Yard Help

I have a nice large back yard which is sort of semi-woodland-gumbo-tree-trash combination with the monster ivy and some naturalised pink corn lilies in the damp spot by the a/c drain. And, since I am just getting started with this gardening thing I really want to do undefined beds of wildflowers and have no idea where to start.
I have a beautiful mostly wild rose that needs a place to go before it gets too cold. There are 2 Meyer Lemon trees that need a home, 4 gallon pots of bougainvillea and a large 2 1/2 gallon bouganvillea that need homes somewhere sunny but protected, and soon to come 4 Sassafrass trees. I've got irish moss seeds, purple and white coneflower seeds and columbine seeds. I plan on getting a wildflower mix for this area and some bluebonnet seeds. I would love a bed of giant red poppies and I saw some orange and white popies that were nice too. Not to mention my irises and amaryllises in the front yard.
I will have a nice area on the east side of the house soon since the eyesore shed is soon to come down (wild celebrating, fireworks, noise, and general dancing around) The only problem there will be to fix the nasty crushed concrete that was put down and used for a garage floor (oil and gunk all over courtesy of my dad and his classic cars)
Now my problem is I have no idea when or how to plant this stuff. I am physically unable to do a lot of digging so whatever I plant I have to find a digging volunteer :) Another reason I want to put in stuff that will keep coming back with a minimum of work and care. I really don't want to have to mulch either, so I thought native plants mostly would be the way to go. I'm in zone 9, southeast coastal Texas so any advice or suggestions are welcome.
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