Broken Canna Tip

Hi All,
I'm new to this forum and have tried searching but couldn't find anything similar....
So I recently moved into a house from a flat and went gardening crazy. I planted 3 canna lily bulbs in early march and believed I left a big space in the middle. I went to plant a shrub today between them but couldn't remember exactly how far apart the canna's were...
I tried to carefully scratch the surface (like an archaeologist!) to see if the canna's were nearby... In my attempts to see where the gap was I have managed to knock the tips off 2 of the new canna shoots. There was another shot on one of the bulbs but now I worry I have killed the bulbs for this year...
Is the damage terminal? Or is there hope they may survive? I didn't know the entire shoots off just the tips. Very disappointed with myself lol!
Thank you all in advance!

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