approaching summer at mach speed

Madgardener here, hello friends, Sorry for the yelling post in the past concerning the thieft of my account contacts and information and e-mails. I'm still locked out of yahoo on the loonygardener account thanks to the Russian or Oriental person who has stolen the account info and changed the passoword prohibiting me from even transferral of my stuff to my new account. hopefully yahoo support group will fix this. I'm just more upset about not being able to contact a few people whose new e-mail addresses I had ONLY in the yahoo e-mail contacts folder....not on my computer at home as there have been changes in the last two months of some of my gardening friends........sigh.....
I have tomato blossoms on two of me plants, peppers and blossoms on the plants just no height yet on the peppers.....I'm putting in the beans and okra today in the newly prepared bed. I had to suppliment the poor soil with some rich, black Garden Magic soil before I was satisfied with the quality to plug the peat pots into. Now I'll have to rig up supports for the tomato's. I also have Nasturtiums up and radishes that I sprinkled seed from 1998 as a lark......they ALL sprouted...........thanks PINETREE SEED!!!! LOL
Sedums are thriving in the containers that I was able to bring home on the one and only trip to Karols so far. I'm champing at the bit and worrying that gas will rise too high and I'll never get my plants, containers, and fairies (statues) and garden tools and equiptment before summer fries most of the plants............I want to make garden beds here but the plants are 48 miles away, and I know the daylilies are over there and in awesome colors and varieties........not to mention the other plants that are iron tough and can take the dry climate. no rains in a week and not sure of what's happening at Karol's.........wish I'd hit a small lottery to fill up the tank and give me plant moving money! LOL oh well, things will come as they come. and what survives will be more than iron tough. thanks for listening and I hope to hear back from my friends.
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