How to get rid of the Electrical pole in my back yard which was not there when I signed the house.

Hi , we selected and signed the house with lot premiums in the month of April. after few weeks we saw a pole to the corner of our lot n asked the sales person regarding that for which she said that isn't a permanent one. So we thought ok but my husband asked about it again n again the answer was the same. Now the house us almost ready we were expecting the closing by mid of November and yesterday we got mail saying that pole is a permanent pole which can't be replaced or removed and my sales person is sorry for misunderstanding the pole issue. We are very much connected to the house but neither me nor my hubby want a house with the pole in our back yard. My sales person saying that she will avoid the pole by putting the fence around the pole with her own expenses which we didn't like however the pole will remain there. She is saying that only the electrical department has the right to place,replace or remove the pole for which no builder no developer can do anything with it. With the pole we don't want to close the house. The pole effects the resale value too..... Now we are in a stage not able to decide what to do. Help us with suggestions and information on it please.
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