Minute Pirate Bugs (Orius sp.)

Since we're on the subject of organic controls, has anyone tried using Minute Pirate Bugs as a beneficial control? Most of the information on them looks really good, except for things like:
"Minute pirate bugs only occasionally move out of fields in search of new prey. When they do, it will normally be in late summer. They soon make their presence known by biting humans. Though small, these insects have a surprisingly painful bite." http://www.oznet.ksu.edu/dp_hfrr/extensn/problems/MinutePirateBugs.htm and:
" Female Orius sp. insert eggs into plant tissue." "They may also feed on tender plants." http://insects.tamu.edu/fieldguide/aimg50.html
Some of my neighbors already look askance at my devotion to gardening organically, if I release biting bugs, they may kill me! I'm leaning more toward releasing more Green Lacewings, but these little guys look interesting.
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