Want to ask a DIY question? Here's how. (V.15)

This is an introduction to the UK.D-I-Y newsgroup for new and experienced Do-It-Yourselfers in the United Kingdom. If you want help, or just want to find out more about a problem before calling in 'the professionals' you are welcome to 'pick our brains'.
There is a good chance your query, or a very similar one, has already been discussed and answered by the group, so please have a look at the Google uk.d-i-y archive, and our companion website for Frequently Asked Questions (the FAQ) before posting a question here.
The Google uk.d-i-y archive is available for searching at http://tinyurl.com/65kwq
and the UK.D-I-Y FAQ is at http://www.diyfaq.org.uk /
The FAQ website gives background information about a diverse range of DIY topics, and guidance on formulating questions to post here that will most easily get the answers you need. For example, you should explain the background to the problem as well as asking your question.
The FAQ includes detailed information on common DIY problems in areas such as central heating, plumbing, electrical, decorating, security, plastering, and tools. It also has a reference section pointing to other useful sites and companies.
You should be aware that although replies in most cases are perfectly accurate and sensible, there are occasions when someone posts an inappropriate answer. In this case one of the regulars is very likely to post a correction, so it is always a good idea to check back later.
The FAQ makes clear that commercial advertising in the group is NOT welcome. Unsolicited advertising is considered abuse, and is likely to be reported as abuse to the advertiser's ISP. However, replies to specific questions which mention products sold by the person replying are acceptable. There is more information on commercial participation in the FAQ.
Phil The uk.d-i-y FAQ is at http://www.diyfaq.org.uk / The Google uk.d-i-y archive is at http://tinyurl.com/65kwq Remove NOSPAM from address to email me
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