Tall (Designer) Radiator ? Upside down

I've just fitted a new designer radiator which refuses to get hot. Is there
a right way and a wrong way to fit these. The reason I ask is that the "In
pipe" gets hot as does the "Out pipe." The cross pipe on the radiator at
the bottom also gets hot. It seems that the hot water comes in one side
accros the bottom pipe on the radiator and out of the other pipe. I imagine
there could be a baffle to force the water to circulate around the radiator
before exiting. Could this be in the top ie could I have put it on upside
down. There is no physical difference or markings on the rad itself. I've
bled the radiator and am confident there is no air in it.
Any thoughts
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You say you bled it - but did you get to the stage where water was spurting out of the bleed nipple at the top? If so, was the water hot?
You imply it could be fitted either way up - do you mean there are "in" and "out" connections at top as well as bottom? Is there a bleed screw top and bottom, or only top?
If you open the bleed screw at top and shut off the "out" valve, does rad warm up as the water spurts out of the top?
Can you post a link to the radiator you've fitted? It may help folk to suggest things to try.
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Thanks for that.
The water out of the bleed valve is indeed warm. The radiator is
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The radiator came without any fittings fitted and is symetrical and can be fitted either way up.
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In article , "ColinS" writes:
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Can't really see enough to get the structure of the water path. Note however that the outlet has to be at the bottom or the radiator won't fill with hot water. Inlet can be top or bottom generally.
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Andrew Gabriel
Most of these radiators have some sort of baffle on the inlet to stop water taking the least resistance route straight out the other side. Normally there's some marking, even if it's just a different colour dust cap. I'd expect the instructions to include some mention of this. Even if the rad can be installed TBOE (top-bottom-opposite end) where no baffle is needed, the inlet should then be on the same side as the one with the baffle.
You'll probably have to take the rad off and look in each hole for the baffle. There is a small risk that the baffle was left out when it was made, of course, or it's a bad design (always a possibility with Homebase own brand stuff). Could you replumb it TBOE if it came to it (one advantage I've made use of with vertical rads is you can discretely pass pipework up/down the wall behind it)?
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Thanks for the comments.
I have taken it off and there is a baffle in one end. Now fitted correctly and seems to be working properly.
Thanks again
Colin S
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