OT the leach side of Labor economics

one might notice these issues ...as many with good jobs now will find themselves riding used mopeds soon enough... including many civil servants as the tax base collapses defunding government... sad..I know.
Less than a tenth of one percent of investors survive such a decline... regardless how clever they think they are...for instance the DOW has rebounded near its prior peak....or has it? The USD has lost well over 50% of its value in that time frame.... the DOW prices are not inflation adjusted..
The DOW is down 50% or whatever in that context... cash out and the money will but half the house it did then...half the amount of gasoline, ..half the medical care... such investments are smart?
not really.
Phil Scott

With all due respect Zerge, that article was spin... an awfully lot of *truth... mixed with some fatal lies...sort of like a fantastic 16 ounce steak salted with just a small amount of rat poison.... it is the rat poison so carefully diguised as salt that is the issue actually... not the steak..that was just used as the carrier for the fatal dose.
In that context then switching the discussion to steak is bogus.
do not misread me...I am not against imigration generally.. but it has to be, as it was at Ellis island carefully balanced and the criminal or non self supporting element kept out.
we do not do that these days, and with illegal imigration its unlimited... both are fatal.
the repeated cleverly spun sentences in the article try to make it look like we need brains in the US that we do not have....bogus. Our corporations are seeking cheap labor... as it decimates our own nations brain trust.
so is the tricky wording that makes it appear in some spots most imigrants are PhD's ..as the article clearly says the oposite in some cases..it is deliberately confusing of the issues.... issued from the Card sychophant and vested interests.
If we continue to drive wages down for US PhDs though we will be out of talent in a few years....our corporations will be competitive in world markets, but our nation, people and tax base will not..
The nation is already terminally in the red because of this insanity, and a grosssly bloated goverment, that is permitting this because it is good for special interests...
In this race to the bottom it will be the people that suffer, the corporate cubicle clones get fatter and crazier...along with civil service... the leach class never quits sucking blood until its host is dead.
Nature provides many such parallel examples... the leaches of course think blood sucking is a great thing, and it IS...for them...thats how these are built...its what they do...they need to suck blood to survive.
Its just that leeching is below the bottom of the food chain...in the oposite direction of any kind of advanee.. Rewarding the leach class is fatal.
Any organism in decline tends to turn self destructive... 'death hormones' have actually been discovered. Same with a nation, in its final throws it elects the leadership that drives its destruction...We have elected a president to office now that has almost single handledly turned this nation from the most respected in the world to one of the most reviled....and is backrupting it with ruthlessly corrupt wars at the same time.
The US corporate controlled press is presenting this leach view of the scene..with all of its accuracies... down to each bloody detail... then recounting how good it is .. and how accurate it is....and it is good and accurate, ...for the leach class... but not for the working actually productive class they feed on.
nor is it good for the nation..
Please notice... .the nation to be viable *must have a strong working class.. a weak working class is what keeps south america and virtuall all of Asia poor.
that wprking class is being destroyed by current measures promoted re offshoring and illegal imigration in the US congress. The notion some have fronted, that depriving it will make it strong is belied by the historical facts.
as the producive working class is starved or abused it declines, taking its host nation with it.
Phil Scott Ideas are bullet proof.
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