construction noise/fumes

i never understood why people here in the Bronx NY are so opposed to construction noise until now.
for the last 8 years--eight years daily construcion noise has been going on
example--using jacjhammer grapplers to remove a 75 by 20 by 15 chunch of solid rock--you can imagine how long that took--starts on Sat morning at 8am
removing at least 1/4 mile of solid rock 4 feet thick using buzz drills--never mind the rock dust on this one.--soild engineer had no idea what type of rock they where removing.
now to top it off--probably cleaniong up a contaminated site--3 i repeat 3 jackhammer grapplers attacking solid rock at least 30 feet by 20 feet deep
6 repeat 6 huge diesel trucks on a cold morning running their engines from 6 am till 8am--totally asphyixiating the neighboorhood--drank diesel fumes with my coffee
and this one--the city uses leaf blowers starting at 7:30 am on sat and sunday am to remove leaves in a park surrounded by homes--city tells me they have to remove the leaves
3 icecream trucks with their repeating music of all around the mulberry tree on one corner
i no longer trust the city or the construction people and i if i had the powere prevent all construction in my neighboorhood for any purpsoe until teh noise and fumes issue is addressed. one other thing--city had to build a water filtration under a park--you can imagine the fight that this lead to--city and state gave the bronx--i repeat 250 million dollars to shut up--you can imagine what the park department is doing with these bucks to the parks in the Bronx ( i know this is a side issue but important
fwiw peter
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