Asphalt millings

I have a gravel driveway with approximate dimensions of 40 feet x 60
feet. I have friend who has several dump trunks full of asphalt
millings. I would like to excavate the gravel and dirt and put down 4
to 6 inches of the millings. I have access to rollers and compactors
that I'll use while putting it down.
My question: Is there any product available that would help in bonding
the material when I put it down? Or are the retailer sealers adequate?
I have seen mention of emulsifiers that can be added but if anyone
knows of something that would be available at the retail level, that
would be great.
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I don't know of any bonding agents....but on a similar thread... my wife's uncle used the geo-textile mat to keep the millings from going into the soil. He didn't put a really thick layer down, and now he pulls the mat up sometimes while grading. His drive seems to be holding up well, even over the super wet soil.
Just a thought.
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