Horrible smell in slob's bedroom -- HELP ME PLEASE!

I need your help bad. My apartment-mate moved out and unfortunately, his bedroom and bathroom smell to high heaven. It is a combination of body odor (he was very obese and sweated a lot) and rancid perfumes, he would put this cheap garbage perfume and oil on a lamp bulb and it now has fouled up the room.
The bedroom has unpainted walls and a 'popcorn' style ceiling. The bathroom has vinyl covered wallpaper. I tried bleaching using anti-mold cleaning solutions like tilex in the bathroom, but the smell is still there. I tried leaving white vinegar out and it didn't do much. I need to fix this so I can rent the room out since I cant afford to pay for both bedrooms. The landlord refuses to paint the walls or do anything.
I tried some air deoderizing sprays and right now am trying to use baking soda on the carpet to clean it. How can I get the smell out?
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