A "GOLDEN" Cleaning Opportunity

I have been in my house 4 years now and am STILL not finished with it--(is ANYONE ever done??). Collected things--now getting rid of those things I really don't need!! I will be down to the nitty-gritty. The donations go out weekly!! I furnished the whole house with auction items and donations from friends and relatives. I had had a stroke and lived with my parents-at age 45 for 3 yrs before I was able to be independent enough again to buy a home. But since then I have developed many more health difficulties
Couldn't "WHILE YOU WERE OUT" just come and do the whole thing???
Well, I got almost new carpet from a friend--enough to do my entire house (500 sq ft) , the roof, the shed and the garage!!!!-I want it put down before spring but first the office and living room has to be painted-new curtains and a lay-out that I can actually have more than 2 people in one room at a time!! I do have a den and that is the NEXT project (inside the house).
My house has a total garden theme-subtle but you can't miss it!! I'm stuck on my den-it's about 11' x 11'. Paneling-I hate!!!!! It's HAS to be painted-I would like a bench below the window.
So if anyone wants to come and help--I'm sure I can find you a place to stay and will feed you will-or at least my mother will--I only know that a microwave can be used for cooking!!
I just don't have any energy to do it......My health is failing and I want this house DONE--- OK--I "might be kidding" but maybe I'm NOT!!!!
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