Just got the keys! Found this after visiting...

I just got the keys to my first home last night. I've been through it 4-5 times total and I have never seen this, until last night.
It looks like mold to me but I haven't ever been in a mold situation. The ceiling is not soft or anything. To give you perspective, this is above the living room door where the ceiling and wall both meet. It is a ranch so there is no upstairs, New roof as of 2 years ago.
Do I automatically go to opening it up, asking why the inspector at least didn't spot it, etc?
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Yep, no reason the Inspector shouldn't have noticed it and it would be covered by their insurance...put a claim in immediately if not sooner, so they can't try to paint you as creating the problem. Or:
- Miniscule roof leak that the roofer should cover under their warranty - Roof not vented or not properly vented that the roofer should cover under their warranty - Damp house (basement or slab getting saturated from poor lawn grading) pointing to where the ceiling doesn't have insulation or nearly enough insulation - Poor HVAC performance or ceiling ductwork - Bath exhaust fan not piped to outdoors (again, non-insulated area holding moisture)
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