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No, I'm not woefully under equipped and you continue to miss the point or are ignoring the point to be troublesome. I've never said, claimed or inferred much about copyright except for the fact that people like 3D Peruna and likely yourself if I recall trying to claim copyright is automatic and registration is no longer required is a fallacious misconception because only part of the statement is true and the remaining parts of the statement which are not true have very serious implications.
I'll only say it one more time myself: once reduced to practice the copyright must be registered or the holder of the copyright is not allowed into the federal court to seek some remedy. If not reduced to practice within 90 days the registration can be acquired at anytime thereafter so as to enter the federal courts but no penalties or lawyer's fees will be awarded. That's all there is to it. Secondly, few of us have the money to litigate in the federal courts anyway as a typical copyright infringment apparently runs $100K minimum.
As for 12 string guitars I have a thing for Taylors right now but I've kicked myself in the @ss three times already for walking away from used Yamahas being sold for $250-$350 on consignment in one of the music stores I've hung out in. The Yamahas are perhaps the most playable 12 string I've ever held. I currently play a Vantage which is a high quality Japanese model but again, I'm hot for Taylors too.
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