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I like it. Hoping to design an office addition, it would be
North facing mainly. A room with a large South facing
window usually needs heavy curtains, and adds a lot of
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Ken S. Tucker
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On Dec 31 2011, 4:35=A0am, "Ken S. Tucker" wrote:
Large south windows should have a sun screen outside.
North windows can be quite cold in the winter unless you can get triple glazed windows.
-- Ron
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Ron Peterson
On Dec 31 2011, 7:35=A0am, "Ken S. Tucker" wrote:
I think you should eliminate the giant hot tub in the middle of the 1st floor and install a 6' dia spiral stair to the new 2nd floor addition. Don't forget the MG turret on the roof and the larder in the basement.
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"Ken S. Tucker" wrote in news:
I think the corners/edges are too sharp for the location. I'd prefer the pueblo shapes - I mean the *real* pueblos, not the modern "reinterpretation" (also there are some Ok examples of that also). Some weathered stone (or even boulders?) integrated into the outer walls would blend it in even more.
I's also prefer some sort of shade structure, especially something that'd be adjustible (almost like some sort of "plantation shutter" turned sideways to provide adjustible shade).
All in all, it's not "modern" enough for my taste and it's also not "earthy" enough - it just doesn't seem to me to fit into the location.
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Kris Krieger
Could use some pizzazz on the top end, something to urge the eye skyward. What's the word I'm grasping for?....of yeah, Lofty, it could benefit from some of that Loftiness. Ease away from that squat, ground hugger effect. jes sayin.......
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