We have a Kenmore Front load washer, 417.4004299, bearings shot, oil leaking, Can anyone tell me if it iis a 4 cubic feet or more or less ?

I want to buy a new machine, NOT a Kenmore. But I did like the size . Can anyone tell by the model number how many cubic feet it was ? That information is not written on the machine, or in the manual. 417.40042990. Bought it in 2000. bearing are shot and it spilled oil on the laundry.
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 Many people have been reporting problems with early 2000s Kenmore front-loaders around 2005-2006, so yours had a longer life than many. A machine you would buy today would be designed  differently, so no reason to exclude Kenmore completely.
Anyway, getting back to your question, Kenmore 417.4004299 is a 3.1 cu. ft. washer, not 4. The capacity isn't straight-coded into their part numbers.
By the way, the same machine was sold under the names of Kenmore, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, White-Westinghouse, Gibson and Kelvinator (it's actually made by Kelvinator - manuf. code 417). So, if you are trying to avoid the maker of your old machine, you'll need to expand the list :)
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This is a common issue with the earlier front loaders.  I would suggest an upgrade and take advantage of your power companies energy star rebates.
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