How can I test the Trane XV90 gas furnace?

I have a company that does my HVAC maintenance. I have 2 Trane Heatpumps, and an XV90 propane gas furnace. After the last service, the tech said the XV90 gas burners needed replaced, along with a flame sensor. Total $1,100 ! He showed them to me, and I agree that they maybe have one more season left on them. After he left, I opened the XV90 doors and took a look. The burners and flame sensor were both behind one cover (4 screws) and they just lift out. I ordered the parts - total $95, and installed the 3 burners plus the sensor. Total time - about 30 minutes. There is no way to install these things incorrectly, they only go in one way. HOWEVER - I don't know how to make the furnace come on to check that all is ok. The way the system was explained when installed, 10 years ago, was that the heat pump will provide the heat until the ambient temperature outside is below 32 degrees F. Since it isn't nearly that cold here in Northern Va., yet. how can I make the furnace ignite? (The second heat pump is for the second floor, and has no gas backup).
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