How do you deal with moisture ants potentially under concrete slab?

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Every August/September we have a swarm of moisture ants that like to come up in my living room (bottom floor of a split level house). We have had a pest company (I won't name them)come out and spray, they removed 2 nests and now we still see them, swarming either through the cracks between the carpet and the wall. I haven't seen them in other parts of the house,thankfully, but they always like to come inside the bottom floor during their swarming time.

A bit about the house:
It's a split level at the bottom of a slope, not the bottom of the hill, but the first flat area on the hill. It's a newer house, about 11 years old, and the main ant issue seems to be right under the slab at the bottom of the house. We've taken care of most of the moisture problems, but I am not 100% sure that we don't have a leak somewhere.

I am at a loss as to what to do, I guess checking for other leaks or drilling into the slab is the next thing?

I live near Seattle, so it's plenty moist for moisture ants.

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Duplicate question, duplicate answer: Well, they sound like they could be termites looking for a warmer winter home. If Pest Control is just spraying inside the house, then you need a new Pest Controller that puts baits out and into the yard to track where they're coming from. Then, the "ants" can be found and wiped-out forever.

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