On new HVAC (furnace and condenser) what shall I opt for: Carrier Infinity SEER 17 or Amana 17?

Amana is luring customers with life-long warranties and lower price; it's a new kid on the HVAC block; shall I go for it? (while answering, send a copy also to vamiel _AT_ aol _DOT_com, to make sure I get your advice; thank you!!!)
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I'd go with Carrier Infinity over Amana any day. Don't just look at the SEER rating....look at other things like the sound levels. Also, if you match that condenser with the right Infinity fan coil you can shave off another couple SEER points (according to Carrier). The most important thing though is to get an HVAC contractor who knows what they're doing. A poorly installed Infinity isn't going to peform as well as a properly installed Amana. =) Google "hvac dealer locator" and there is a site called Find an HVAC Dealer that is really cool.
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