I have a Carrier A? installed in my hall closet two years ago. The unit from day one has been dripping condensation onto the filter. Why?

Installer has been back four times with different nonsensical explanations/fixes. Nothing has worked, the filter gets sopping wet and is sucked up into the unit at times. Drain lines were supposedly blown out, pan is not cracked, yada yada but it continues. Any suggestions?
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I am assuming this is a A-coil and it is draining correctly and the drain pan is not overflowing. Also I am not sure is this was a complete new system or if Air was added to an existing unit. Is it gas, oil furnace or a heat pump? Is the coil mounted on top or bottom? Is it an upflow or downflow system? If it is upflow the coil should be on top and downflow the coil should be on the bottom. If the condensation is dripping off the coil onto the filter: 1. The coil is dirty or has a  film on it. Sometimes coils have a film on them from the factory. This is not a defect. It is just a film on the metal. This can be corrected by cleaning the coil with evaporator coil cleaned. 2. Incorrect air flow across the coil will also cause this problem. One or both of these corrections should solve your problem. Also, If the drain line does not have a trap on it the blower will suck air back through the drain line when it is running and the unit will not drain until blower cuts off. This would cause an overflowing drain pan. Let me know if you need more information.
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