FS last japanese infill smoother.

This may be the last infill I have. It has been my user infill for a couple of years. It is made from ziricote wood in an unusual shape. It has a steel " thick sole and 3/16" bronze sides dovetailed together. It features one of the first 4 prototype custom made Japanese irons. With a nice tight mouth this plane can plane almost any wood out there. Most of it going against the grain if you so desire. The iron is bedded at 47 degrees. It does have some glue or finish spots on the wood and a few small dents. But I refinished the sides and it looks nice. The sole has a couple of scratches but they are pretty much only visual. The glue may come off as I kept the body waxed a little prying may just pop it off. I planed quite a few planes with this plane and I hate to sell it. But I need a new tool and this is about the only way I can justify buying it. The plane comes fully sharpened and ready to use. Do you like rare tools? Well this is a one of a kind plane. The only one I made that had this shape and this wood and only one of 4 irons in the world. Think a Stanley #1 is rare there are more then one of them (G) I can provide more pictures if you want. I would like to get 500.00 including shipping. That is 100.00 off my normal price.
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