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Stair help
I need to replace a set of steps that have a rise of 25" and a width of 53". The stairs land on a sloped concrete carport and the slope across the 53" is 2 inches. How do I approach this? The current...
1 week ago 26
OT mystery tool
I was browsing the auction sales and noticed an odd tool - I photo-shopped the pic to remove the label. I'm guessing that it's about 2 feet long. John T. Looks like just the thing to pull wire or rope...
1 week ago 11
Combo Jointer /Planer
I am considering the purchase of a combination jointer/ planer machine. I had a Craftsman 6" jointer years ago and it was useful for tying our dogs leashes to. Not much else. When our last Great Dane...
1 week ago 7
Drill press dado
This looks like an interesting and functional way to make a stopped dado. Has anyone tried it? On Wed, 18 Nov 2020 15:05:01 -0800 (PST), Michael Using it as a milling machine. Works, cut is likely not...
2 weeks ago 30
Anyone in Mid West looking for a big Jointer
24" Northfield - " Northfield - That 24" looks like an aircraft carrier. The 12" is no longer available. Cut the 24" in half? On the other hand, could have used this to get his band saw closer to his...
2 weeks ago 4
OT: What Do You Know About Recirculating Pumps? (Prevent Frozen Pipes)
Does anyone here know anything about using recirculating pumps to prevent frozen pipes in a house? I have a general idea of how they work but I've got specific situation I'm interested in. I've just...
2 weeks ago 67
How to remove tile glue?
Nephew's house, an old farm built in the 1940s, original hardwood floors. Tile flooring added in 1970s, then later topped with carpet. They are remodeling/updating. They want to restore the hardwood...
3 weeks ago 10
Somewhat OT: Precision Cutting Plastic
OK, it's not WWing, but related. Hoping some of your craft-ivores have helpful ideas. I have an ABS plastic box - 5x4x2in with a removable 5x4 cover. I need to cut 2 rectangular windows in that cover,...
3 weeks ago 21
pen-turning lathe
Doh ! :-) John T. It's worth more than $530 funnymoney as scrap. It would probably cost many (many) times that to move it though. I wonder if it'll even fit through the door. I think even King Kong...
3 weeks ago 11
Edge nailing plywood, anti-friction
I need to make some boxes to be used as drawers on a shelf. I plan to use 1-by wood for the sides and plywood for the bottom (1/2"). The way I see this going together is to place a small bead of glue...
4 weeks ago 15
Anybody happen to have one of the JoinTech CabinetMakers System that was sold years ago? It seems it's just a decent fence, coping sled, and incra-jig on a router table. Looks incredibly expensive...
1 month ago 1
OT What is it ?
Some sort of specialty pliers - link below. 've exhausted my google image search ideas .. John T. safety wire pliers safetey/tie wire pliers It's for twisting wires. "twist wire pliers" pulls up hits....
1 month ago 6
Re: "hook & loop" system sucks!
I think its either u or the machine. Ive had a Makita orbital hook n loop for damn near a decade n haven't had to replace the pad even once. Just as long as I dont use those Gator sanding discs. They...
1 month ago 4
Drill Index as teaching aid
Over the years I've had a bunch of the Huot metal drill indexes. It always drove me nuts that sometimes I'd go to put a bit away and it would get stuck partway down, or I couldn't get it to go in the...
1 month ago 4
Sears Craftsman 12" Radial Arm Saw model 112.29510 -
Looking for a motor part number 63234. Thank you.
1 month ago