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oil fired boiler help
I have just bought a house in which the boiler(make unknown at pres) has apparently seized, that is the circulation pumpworks but boiler seems dead. The house has been empty for some months and as it...
17 years ago 10
Glueless laminate floor and glue..
Right, now I'm confused. I've bought Screwfix's Kaindl glueless laminate floor system and the front of the instructions shows a symbol representing a tube of glue with crossing out through it....
17 years ago 11
Re: Lighting in Greenhouse
On Fri, 11 Jul 2003 17:53:42 GMT, "Pete Smith" wrote: Do you mean just to be able to see, or do you mean supplementary light to assist growth? .andy To email, substitute .nospam with .gl Good point....
17 years ago 4
Silicone lubricant
I've recently installed a 4 fold shower screen from B&Q and the last job on the instructions is to squeeze silicone lubricant between the hinges. Unfortunately it looks like I accidently threw away...
17 years ago 17
Putting decking over area with manholes
I'm thinking of decking out the back of my house. Problem is there are 3 manholes which will be covered by it. Is it sufficient to make sure than the joists do not inhibit accessing these and by...
17 years ago 3
Using glass blocks?
Hi, I want to place glass blocks, in single or double row, in some internal walls (stud walls and also light brick walls). A few questions: 1) I don't have a problem creating the wooden frames as you...
17 years ago 2
Weeds on driveway
My driveway (which is built with paving slabs) has been somewhat neglected over the past year, and as a result has a major problem with weeds (some as big as triffids ;) ) growing up between the...
17 years ago 10
skateboard ramp build
Hi all, A frequent lurker an occasioanl poster here to pick the brains of this very knowledgeable group... As the title suggests, I'm going to build a "small" half-pipe skate ramp for he kids in my...
17 years ago 2
dishwasher problems
Wonder if anyone can offer any advise please. I bought my first dishwasher -- second hand -- about a month ago. I have now got small bits of rust like stuff on my cutlery. The cutlery is stainless...
17 years ago 14
Conservatory floor/foundation issues
How important is it to do the foundations right for a conservatory? It will go over an area that is currently half concrete slab (looks thin) and bricks (a bit wobbly). Can I just get some concrete...
17 years ago 26
Replacing damaged joists
We're in the process of renovating one of our ground floor rooms and when we removed the ceiling we discovered one of the joists in the floor above has been heavily damaged over the years by woodworm...
17 years ago 14
Cooker switch light flickering
I've just noticed that the little red light on the cooker wall switch is flickering. I'm sure it didn't used to do this. The switch itself is only about 2 year old (although prior to today, I don't...
17 years ago 7
Best central heating cover?
Hi Just had the renewal papers for my British Gas central heating/boiler/drains cover and it's gone up a fair bit. Does anyone have any recommendations for similar schemes in the UK? thanks
17 years ago
Foam brush to apply gloss?
I want to try and get a really good glosh finish on my woodwork after all the prep I have put into it and was wondering if anyone had tried the foam brushes (axminster and decoratingdirect do them)...
17 years ago 4
Best place to buy a Dyson DC04?
Have a look at the dealsonline site, looks at many dealers site and will list them for you in price order.. Me I wouldn't buy a Dyson.. The Q Can anyone suggest a reputable/cheap place to buy a Dyson...
17 years ago 4