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specs for central heating and hot water system
hi, Could someone point me to some good sites or books that I can spec the central heating and hot water for our house and new extension. Have specd the radiators but looking for some info on pipe...
17 years ago 1
Airlock in hot water pipes
After using a lot of hot water, the pipes have run dry. There was a gurgle and then a hiss like air being sucked in - then the hot water went off. The hot tap works in the kitchen downstairs, it's...
17 years ago 3
Chrome tile edging strip.
Is it still available? A quick trawl of my local sheds today says no... Focus had some in my local bought some two months ago
17 years ago 1
dismantle-able armchairs and setees?
I need to buy four matching setees for my house, but I'd really like something that can be *easily* moved from room to room. I guess that means it must be something that can be dismantled, e.g., by...
17 years ago 3
Removing tile transfers
How can I remove transfers from the tiles in my bathroom. I've redecorated, but the previous owner put a small border of flowery things round the window (ugh!), and they're very hard to shift. I've...
17 years ago 6
Re: Another toolkit question
Could I be the first to wish you good luck? Just one thing - do you have an electricians background in terms of apprenticeship? I did my 16th edition certification a short time ago, but although I'm a...
17 years ago 31
Bent crankshaft
Damn 'n blast. Hit one of the larger rocks (bed rock...) in the "lawn" with the blade of the rotary mower the other week. Sheared the locating pins on the diecast boss, neat I though saves the engine....
17 years ago 26
Where to start with installing central heating
I am about to embark upon installing my combi boiler central heating system. Im having to do this in stages. Im thinking of splitting it up into piping, radiators, an boiler and getting in a Corgi man...
17 years ago 6
Welding O2
Any idea where to get welding o2 at the lowest cost - i.e low cylinder rental etc cheers BOC It's a cartel, and they have you over a barrel (or cylinder). Cheapest way is to use an awful lot of it, or...
17 years ago 3
Gas Cooker off mains?!
I am about to move house where in the kitchen is a gas cooker, with a plug connected to the electricity supply. I am wondering what this does. If does not need mains connection, this will be great as...
17 years ago 6
Landlord's gas safety certificate - cost?
Hi I'm finding it incredibly difficult to find a plumber who's even interested in doing one; worrying in itself, but also in that if and when I finally do sign somebody up I'm going to have to pay him...
17 years ago 9
Chipboard flooring unusual
I have moved a radiator and on lifting the flooring I have chipboard with a blue rigid foam backing - total thickness incl. chipboard is 45mm. Can`t find a stockist anywhere - it may be called...
17 years ago 1
Re: arena kitchens
IKEA do good kitchens, at sensible prices too. That is a matter of opinion. I love the one who comes in on Wednesdays tho. Expensive, but worth every penny.
17 years ago 2
How to remove rusty screw
I'm trying to replace the broken hinges on top-opening uPVC double glazed unit. But some of the screws attaching them to the frame have rusted through. I sprayed WD40 but I get no grip at all with my...
17 years ago 7
Re: Anyone tried felt-backed carpet?
A carpet fitter acquaintance fitted a felt backed carpet for me. He advised me to get the best underlay I could afford. He reckons its more important than the quality of the carpet. Quite pleased with...
17 years ago 2