Silly Gardener .

Just been watching a prog on Scottish ITV about an A+E Dept .
A gardener came in who used a rotary mower and tried to sort a jammed
blade without switching it off first and when it unjammed it hit his
finger and cut it and also broke a bone .
They then showed a clip of someone ( probably him) using a petrol
driven mower while wearing open toed sandals .
Some folk just never learn.
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Stuart B
WHat's wrong with the sandals? How many times have your (shoed) feet got in the way of a petrol mower? I mow the lawn in bare feet, and I would really have to pull off some strange bodily contortions to get my toes anywhere near the blade, shoed or not!
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In article , says...
What happens if you were mowing and you slipped, feet first ?
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Neil Barker

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