Re-fitting loose paviours

Find out why they are loose.
Is it really just these or is there a more widespread problem such as drainage or a poorly compacted bedding layer? Testing the others in the vicinity will show that.
You can begin by lifting them out carefully, plus the immediately surrounding ones. Then assuming that the bed is solid and not a sea of mud or other defect, lay in some fresh sand and tap it down firmly with the end of a piece of wood whacked with a club hammer. Add more sand and repeat if needed.
Lay in the blocks and tap these down with the club hammer using a wooden block and a pad such as a piece of old carpet as protection.
When you are sure that the blocks are firm and you have a dry day with the blocks dry as well, sprinkle some dry jointing sand into the gaps and brush it well in. Repeat if required. Dryness is critical to this step because it allows the sand to drop in the gaps and stop sideways movement
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