problem with two gas ovens in range cooker

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas on this ? We have a Stoves
Newhome Gas Range Cooker (model R1104 Ga). We bought it in 1998,
probably used it no more that 5 times a year until 2004 and since then
have used it daily.
Today it seriously burnt the food in the top left oven. Just as well I
was here to pull it out ! What had happened was that the flame kept
roaring, it didn't go to temperature and die back down like usual. So I
tested the bottom right oven and that too has a roaring flame that won't
go to temperature and die down. (The rings and grill work as usual).
It seems really odd to me that both ovens have gone wrong together ! Is
this to be expected ? Does anyone have any ideas on what's wrong with
them ?
Thanks in advance for any replies
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