Need help with uneven floor after flood

Upstairs valve under bathroom sink "exploded" while away from home. Half of upstairs and downstairs was flooded. Restoration crew came in and ripped up all laminate flooring and carpet, cut holes in downstairs ceilings, and brought in fans and dehumidifiers to dry everything up. House is on a slab.
Now that the laminate has been reinstalled upstairs, the hallway floor no longer seems level. I did not notice any unevenness when we were walking on bare floorboards for two months, or even before the flooding occurred. But now, there is a definite slope toward the wall.
Here are my questions/concerns: --Is the problem with the reinstallation of the floor? On reinstallation, a protective layer of plastic was installed before the underlay. This was only supposed to be done downstairs, since the house is on a slab. Would this extra layer of plastic cause a problem? The original upstairs installation did not have this extra layer. --Did the flooding cause some kind of shift in the house? If so, why wouldn't I have noticed the slope when it was just bare floorboards? --Was the slope there all along, and the flooding just made it worse? The pattern of the flooding would indicate this possibility, since the water never ran down the stairwell, but instead ran down the wall.
I am trying to figure out what to do (if anything) before the insurance repair warranties expire. Thanks for your feedback.
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