Heterogenous CH and HW system

No pressure here but I am looking for the definitive answer to how to
solve this quandry?! I've just bought a grade II listed farmhouse
with an existing Aga which has to stay... As it is staying we are
going to use it during the months of Oct to April... During the summer
months I intend to use Solar panels and have applied to install them
on a hidden area of the roof..... Running alongside both these systems
throughout the year will be a wood pellet boiler....I want to use all
the hot water that is being produced by the Solar and Aga to its
maximum and then for the system to call on the boiler as it needs.
Added to this, I want mains pressure hot water and UFH to both be
supplied by the combined system. I know it can be done but I want to
know what is the best way of linking them all together? Is it to use 1
big thermal store; a "neutraliser" by Dunsley heat; a buffer tank and
unvented cylinder or any combination of these. Any help gratefully
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A large tall thermal store would get you the ability to have all 3 devices input heat at differing temps, and give you some degree of storage too.
Some more info here:
formatting link
when you want to get into design details, I can recommend news:alt.solar-thermal.
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One large thermal store (heat bank) with a solar coil (although can be heated directly from solar panels). The store gives:
- a buffer, - neutral point, - mains DHW - a great point for three differing heat inputs, well 4 if you have the electric immersion backup.
Avoid the Dunsley - an expensive empty drum. Avoid an unvented cylinder too. Dangerous with uncontrolled heat inputs..and an annual service required too.
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